• "Customer service was great, delivery was quick, everything was fresh and packed in sufficient packaging. Friendly staff and very professional.

  • "I have ordered from here who knows how many times now and they have never disappointed. Great quality sweets!"

  • "Great selection of sweets, arrived very quickly and more affordable than other online sweet stores."

  • Why over 1,000+ customers think Sweet Arture delivers on our promise

  • A bag of Pick N Mix
  • Sweet Arture's Pick N Mix is...

    • Always Fresh!

      We store our pick n mix products in air tight containers to maximise freshness

    • Delicious!

      Our pickers have carefully selected the best pick n mix sweets on the market for your perfect pouch

    • Fast Shipping!

      We normally ship your order on the same working day, so you can enjoy your pick n mix even quicker

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A Little Bit About Us...

Sweet Arture is a family run business, founded by Kyle, Evan and Bela. We started this as we love seeing everyone happy while they eat and share their pick n mix with friends and family.

Leo, Kyle's son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 2 years old and we have now also started to develop our own sweets with some of the profits, that are healthier and diabetic friendly, as well as donate to diabetes research, so everyone can enjoy sweets without the side effects!

Waiting is not fun, so this is why we send out your packages as fast as possible for a speedy delivery, so you can enjoy your sweets, crisps, snacks and pick n mix with less wait times!

Whether you need some advice or if you have the unexpected happen, then we are always here to help and get the issue resolved as soon as possible with a smile!

Now that you know a bit about us, lets focus on you! :)

Sweet Arture Team

Our Eco Packaging Promise

All of our packaging is sourced with the ecosystem in mind! This means that we choose packaging that is compostable as a first and then recyclable secondly.

Our pick & mix pouches are 100% compostable and will decompose in 60 days! All our shipping and delivery is mainly cardboard and then packing sleeves are recycled plastic.

We believe in doing our part to ensure that our mark on the planet is a positive one.